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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Dog eating tomato

Among all the fruits that people usually eat, we have one that is called tomato, is red and juicy, and could be beneficial both for people and dogs.

Dogs can become very excited when they see us eating any food in front of them, and this is the reason why we need to know what foods are beneficial for them and which are not, because some foods that are healthy for people may be quite harmful for our furry friends.

Many dog owners feed table scraps and leftovers to their dogs, and this will not affect them if that food, mainly consists of green beans, flax, eggs, peanut butter, pumpkins, carrots, apple slices (without seeds) and sweet potatoes.

However, if you usually eat fast food, a large amount of cheese, grapes, chocolate, candies, etc., you shouldn’t feed your dog with leftovers from your table because that food could only harm them.

Are Tomatoes Beneficial Or Harmful For Dogs?

The tomato plant belongs to the Nightshade family (the fruits wear a green telltale hat) where we can also find peppers and eggplants.

In the Nightshade family, we have fruits, shrubs, herbs, vegetables and vines that belong to the genus Solanaceae.

These plants are mostly poisonous, although some of them bear edible fruits.

Tomatoes and other members of the Nightshade family, contain compounds called glycoalkaloids, which are naturally occurring pesticides with the role of defending the plant against fungi, bacteria and insects.

The highest concentration of glycoalkaloids can be found within the unripe fruits, flowers and leaves of these plants.

When the fruit is ripe, it becomes very tasty and beneficial due to the high amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients contained.

Are tomatoes healthy for dogs?

The answer is Yes!, but only the fruit that is ripe, and they should be eaten in moderation or only as an occasional snack.

Tomatoes Nutrition Facts

The today;s tomatoes contain a pretty large amount of nutrients that beneficial for people and dogs.

1. Chromium

Tomatoes are rich in chromium, which controls blood sugar levels, and this is the reason why these fruits are a great ally for diabetics.

2. Antioxidants like Lycopene

Like other red fruits and vegetables such as the red carrots, tomatoes are rich in antioxidants like lycopene, which help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

By consuming tomatoes frequently, we can prevent the development of dangerous diseases that could affect the arteries and the liver.

The antioxidants found in these tasty fruits, can also help prevent heart diseases because they are great for our blood vessels and help our heart function properly.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that also fights against the development of cancer cells in the body.

Studies have shown a relationship between the consumption of tomatoes and a lower incidence of cancer.

Lycopene protects the body from degeneration and diseases caused by free radicals, such as cancer.

Lycopene that is responsible for the red color of the tomatoes has a beneficial effect on the bone structure, by helping combat osteoporosis.

3. Vitamin C

Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are boosting the immune system, but to fully benefit from this, the fruits need to be consumed raw.

4. Beta-carotene and Lutein

Due to the presence of beta-carotene and lutein in these fruits, they improve the eyesight and the general health of the eyes.

Beta-carotene and lutein are carotenoids that protect the eyes from degenerative diseases such as cataracts.

5. Vegetable fibers

Containing vegetable fibers, tomatoes facilitate digestion by helping the digestive track to function properly, fight constipation and prevent a lazy intestine.

6. Low in Calories

Being fruits that are low in calories, tomatoes stimulate the production of carnitine, which is an amino acid produced by the body and has the role of turning fat into energy.

How To Feed Tomatoes To Your Dog?

Due to their health benefits, tomatoes can be eaten by dogs, whether it is a cherry or a plum tomato bought from the grocery store or picked from your backyard.

Always choose tomatoes that are ripe and juicy, wash them properly, cut off the green parts and slice them.

If your dog haven’t eaten tomatoes before, let him smell a few slices for the beginning.

If it starts eating them right away, it is a good sign that from time to time, you can feed tomatoes to your dog to keep it healthy and in a good shape.

If it’s still not convinced, you can mix the slices of tomatoes in its food.

In small quantities, or served only as snack from time to time, tomatoes can be very beneficial for your furry friends.

However, tomatoes are not generally recommended for puppies, mostly because a puppy’s stomach is usually much more sensitive than the stomach of an adult dog.

For senior dogs, the juicy slices of tomatoes are very recommended because they sharpen the dog’s eyesight and help combat many degenerative diseases.

Dogs can also eat tomato sauce, so can put some homemade tomato sauce on your dog’s food to make it tastier.

I mentioned homemade tomato sauce, because the store-bought tomato sauce (commercial tomato products) contains a long list of additives and derivatives.

Even if the product says “all-natural”, you need to know that besides tomato sauce, the product also contains spices such as garlic, chives and onions.

In small quantities, garlic and onion are safe for dogs, but because the product was made by somebody else, you don’t know the amount of garlic and onion put in the mix, so it’s better to avoid them.

A homemade tomato sauce containing only fresh, ripe and juicy fruits, will always be much healthier for your dog.

Tomato Health Benefits For Dogs

Consumed with moderation, tomatoes can help your pooch live a long and healthy life.

Tomatoes will do the following for your dog:

1. Will boost the immunity system of your dog.

2. Will improve the eyesight of your furry friend.

3. Will keep the heart of your dog in a good shape.

4. These fruits help manage diabetes.

5. Will maintain a healthy skin and coat.

6. Will make your dog feel wonderful.

How Can Tomatoes Affect Your Dog?

If you like to grow tomato plants in the backyard and your dogs have access there, you may harm them more than helping them.

Dogs that are used to eat tomatoes, will try to eat the fruits right from the plant, and this could make them eat unripe fruits and even chew some tomato leaves by accident.

A dog that ate tomato leaves and unripe fruits will likely have diarrhea and may even start vomiting.

However, if your dog has a slow heart rate, and develops dilated pupils, you should call your vet right away.

Luckily, poisoning with tomatoes is very rare, and there are no documented cases of either solanine or tomatine poisoning in dogs.

Your dog needs to eat a few pounds of tomatoes before getting a tummy ache.

Final conclusion

An adult or senior dog can only benefit from eating tomatoes from time to time, due to the numerous vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients in these fruits.

If you grow tomato plants in the backyard be sure that they are properly fenced against dogs, because you don’t want your dog to chew on those plants.

If you have a senior dog in the house, it is very important for him to eat a few tomatoes from time to time because these fruits will make him feel and look younger.

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