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Afghan Hound

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed: Dogs That Are Hypoallergenic

Adopting a hypoallergenic dog can change your life and the life of your family too, and because there are many dog breeds that don't shed (or shed minimally), I will…
Orange tabby cat

Orange Cats and Red Tabby Cats

Orange cats represent a common type of cats that differ from the other domestic felines only by their coat pattern. We are not talking about a new breed of cats…
Blue-eyed cat

Are Cats Color Blind?

Being a cat owner, I'm sure that you've already asked yourself, how is my cat seeing the world? it sees it like humans do, or in a different way, maybe…
Toxic foods for your pet

15 Toxic Foods For Dogs And Cats

We all know that our pets can be carnivores or omnivores. Dogs are omnivores, so they can eat what people are usually eating daily, but with a few exceptions. Cats…
Border Terrier

Small And Toy Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

There are many small and toy dog breeds that don't shed at all or shed minimally due to their hypoallergenic coat, which means that they are suited for sensitive and…
Cat eating dog food

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

If you keep cats and dogs under the same roof, you may see them trying to eat the other's food because cats are not aware of the fact that dog…
Cane Corso and White Grape

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Grapes can be very beneficial for people, but what about dogs? Are grapes healthy for dogs too? or are they just another food that could only harm our four-legged friend.…
Cat tries to eat chocolate muffins

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

People that eat a small piece of chocolate daily have a smaller risk of stroke, but what about cats? Is chocolate healthy for cats? or is actually the opposite and…
Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Dogs want to taste whatever we eat, so when eating a banana in front of your dog, it is wise to give your dog a piece of the fruit, or…
Cat scared by cucumber

Cats And Cucumbers – Funny moments

Why cats seem to be so afraid of cucumbers? Watching online memes, gifts and videos about cats that are leaping in the air right after seeing a cucumber can be…
Tiny pooch eating an apple

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Eating apples is very healthy for people, but what about our four-legged friends, which could be seriously affected by apples, especially by their seeds. If you still want to give…
Cute Golden Retriever playing with oranges

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

There are dogs that are open to everything new, which means that they could try the taste of orange and there are also dogs that will never touch that sweet…
Munchkin Cat

Cat Breeds With Very Short Legs

The Munchkin cat also known as the Sausage cat or Midget cat features very short legs, as a result of a genetic mutation. However, there are many other short-legged cat…
Corn is healthy for your dog

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

Even if dogs are primarily classed are carnivores, you need to know that even wolfs in the wild are eating plant-based food from time to time, because this way they…