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Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers

perfect gifts for cat owners

Are you looking for the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see some cute gifts for cat lovers.

Whether it’s for their furry friend’s birthday, the cat lover’s birthday, or simply because you want to treat them, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading for cute gift ideas that won’t go unloved.

Pet-Themed Clothing (for the owner)

Animal lovers will love nothing more than to rep their favorite animal on a daily basis, and therefore, you can never give them a gift with too many animal-themed clothing.

Whether you buy them a generic t-shirt with a cat on the front or you think outside the box and give them a gift consisting of a hoodie with their own feline printed on it, they are more likely to cherish this gift.

You have several options to choose from, so take your time and search for the perfect animal-themed related clothing.

For example, you can choose for your friend a pair of hilarious socks from Funatic with a message like, ‘If My Cat Doesn’t Like You, I Don’t Like You’. The socks are not only simple and useful, but they are also funny. If your friend is a she and considers herself a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, there is also a pair of socks featuring a similar message.

Pet Clothing (for the cat)

Nowadays, many pet owners prefer to buy clothing for their four legged friends. From cute jackets and jumpers to tutus and hats, it seems that you can buy any item of clothing for your animal.

Before buying a clothing item for your friend’s pet, you first need to check what items your friend already has, and what he or she prefers, and also try to buy the right size.

Items of cat clothing you could treat your friend to include:

  • Pirate costume
  • Tuxedo
  • Halloween-themed bat wings
  • A padded jacket

Cat Headphones

These are not headphones for your cat, they are created for the owner, to allow him or her look more like its feline’s friend. Typically, these cat headphones go over your ears and feature flashing LED cat ears on the headband.

Cat-themed headphones are popular among gamers and prevalent throughout the anime culture, so if your friend is also into gaming or Japanese popular culture, this is sure to be a wonderful gift idea. You can choose between wired and wireless headphones, and there is a price range to suit everyone.

Cat Coloring Books

We saw a rise in popularity a few years back when it came to coloring books, but this trend is still a popular one today. Head to your nearest bookstore and search for a selection of coloring books available for cat lovers.

Of course, you may struggle to find a cat-themed coloring book for your friend, so heading to the internet can make this task a much easier one.

If you are not sure whether your friend owns coloring pencils, be sure to include a pack along with the coloring book!

Cat-Themed Home Decor

There’s a lot of cat-themed home decors available today, and you can choose one that suits your friend the most.

Don’t forget that next time when you visit your friend, you may see the cat-based decor already installed in a room or the entire house. For the subtle cat lover, you can buy a cat-shaped candle or a cat-themed welcome mat.

If you prefer, you can choose a cat-themed shower curtain to make them remember that they have a cat even when showering.

Final thought

There can be an overwhelming number of cat-themed gifts available in the world today, however, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and select the right gift for your friend, which is also a cat owner. The above gift ideas are unique and fun and can be enjoyed by cat lovers everywhere.

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Darius Savin is a lifelong animal lover and protector and the chief editor of Checkmember. He writes and edits articles and is also the creator of the distribution maps for all the creatures featured here.